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Australian Football and its Attractiveness for Betting Industry

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Many people who see an Australian  football match for the first time are shocked because it is a very unusual sport. By the way, it is the leading betting sport in Australia. Today there are many betting apps android for betting and watching the rankings. 

As in betting on any other sport, it has the opportunity to take advantage of a no deposit free bonus, which gives the chance to win money without making a deposit of your own money. And of course Australian football is certainly one of the leading games in esports gambling, it has won the hearts of millions of bookmakers and took its rightful place in the top.

Features of Australian football

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We used to confuse Australian football with ordinary soccer, American one or rugby, but it is a completely separate sport, although it has some similarities with the above “colleagues”. Its main difference from classic soccer is that players can use any part of their body to interact with the ball. There are always two teams competing, each with 18 players. Rugby and American football have a rectangular playing field shape, while in Australian one it is oval, which is very unusual for many people. 

The ball can be moved with the feet in absolutely any direction, and you can also use your hands. Throwing the ball is prohibited, as well as holding it in the hands of one player for a long period of time. Full control of the sword is something that each of the players on both teams strives for, because it helps in achieving the goal. 

The match is monitored by three referees, who control the entire gameplay. They signal the start of the game, give scores and penalty kicks, and ensure that all players follow the rules of the game. Their task is also to score goals. Another interesting difference is the presence of two gates on each side, with one always wider and the other narrower. 

Types of bets on Australian football

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  • Bet on the winner

This is the easiest betting option, in which you can often just guess. The odds here are 50/50, so many beginners prefer this type. 

  • Betting on the number of points

This means that the bettor can bet on the total number of points for the entire match of both teams, or can choose one. This is already a complicated type of betting, which is often beyond the power of even a thorough analysis. 

  • Betting on the season results

This is a type of long-term bets made on upcoming games and matches, that is, the result and wins of any of the teams or players in the championship season are taken into account. This is a very complicated bet, because the performance of the game can change throughout the season, so the analysis will be very dynamic. 

How to make a winning bet

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  • Study the features of the teams 

If both teams are very strong and have a high percentage of wins, it is worth focusing not only on the big picture, but also on each of its details in particular. This means paying attention to each of the players. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of each player on each team, and then compare the odds overall. 

  • Don’t fall for the glory of the team 

This is a big mistake many bettors make, because there is always one super successful and famous team that wins most competitions, but do not underestimate its opponents. Remember that it is not always the lesser known teams that may be weaker. 

  • Weather conditions

Strange as it may seem, this is one of the important conditions to consider when betting. Rain alone can reduce a team’s performance and affect its outcome. But even here, it is not so simple, because both teams will be at risk, we can only guess which one of them will be luckier. 

  • Evaluate the atmosphere within the team

Relationships between members of the same team are very important, because of the relationship and feeling for each other and help them on the field to conduct a coherent and confident game. If there are conflicts, misunderstandings, and you are aware of these, it can be one of the many reasons for defeat. Of course, it is not the leading factor, but it is one of the influential ones. 


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Australian  football has a crazy popularity among the locals, which is why generous investments are regularly made in this sport, because it, in turn, becomes a way to make huge money on bets. This sport has almost no equal result in the game, so there is always a winner and a loser, which makes this kind of sport even more attractive to bookmakers.