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How to Listen Music on Apple Watch without a Phone in 2023?

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A lot of people who wear an Apple Watch wear it to make calls and send texts. But, there are some people who just want to listen to music, and they don’t want to be bothered with finding their phone every time they want to take a break from listening to music. In fact, if you’re an Apple Watch owner, it’s very likely you’ll be using your watch to listen to music at some point.

Back in 2011 when Apple started selling their first generation of smart watches, you could only listen to music on the Apple Watch via Bluetooth headphones using Airplay. That was a very limiting feature to say the least. Over the years though, new Bluetooth music receivers have been released, such as the Jabra Move, which can play music directly from a Bluetooth enabled phone, not requiring any wires. There is also the $99 Airpod earphones, which are also able to play music directly from Bluetooth, without any cables.

Also, with the new Apple Watch Series 4, you can now use your Bluetooth headphones as an Airpod, but you need to pair your headphones with the Watch directly, instead of the phone.

While much of Apple’s iOS 11.4 feature announcements focused on the iPhone, other devices are still very much in development. In particular, Apple is reportedly considering features that would let the Apple Watch be a music-streaming device that doesn’t require a phone nearby in order to operate.. Read more about how to listen to music on apple watch without phone and let us know what you think.

The Apple Watch is a technological marvel from Apple, and there’s no doubting its greatness. However, we would like to take this to the extreme. The device has established itself as the best smartwatch that doesn’t require a smartphone. However, for certain tasks, the device still needs a smartphone. One of these tasks is playing music. In this guide, we’ll explain how to listen to music offline on your Apple Watch, without your phone.

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As mentioned earlier, you need a smartphone to perform certain tasks on the Apple Watch. When it comes to playing music, the Apple Watch cannot function as a standalone device. It was. Thanks to streaming services, users can listen to their favorite playlist even when they don’t have their smartphone at hand. You can also listen to them offline, so don’t forget to watch until the end.

How do I listen to music on my Apple Watch without my phone?

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The Apple Watch has 8GB of storage, of which 2GB can be used to store music. So 2GB is about 500 songs, so choose your favorites carefully. We’ll start with Apple Music, as it’s the default music service and created by none other than Apple.

Keep in mind that your Apple Watch must be an LTE model that supports cellular connectivity, and you must have an appropriate mobile data plan for this to work. To check this, drag the slider up from the bottom center and look for the button that looks like a radio tower. This means that your watch is supported. To check if the Apple Watch supports LTE, you can also check if the digital crown is red.

Listening to Apple Music on the Apple Watch

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If your Apple Watch supports LTE and data transfer is not an issue, we recommend using the streaming method. This saves you valuable storage space and, most importantly, time. All you need is a subscription and you can listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

If you’re afraid of the apocalypse and want to save it for offline use, here’s how.

  1. Start Apple Music on your iPhone.
  2. Create a playlist of songs you want to listen to offline. This is very important, because you have to take into account the already mentioned 2 GB of memory. Anything outside this list is not allowed.
  3. Connect the Apple Watch to the charger and wait for the playlist to sync. Note that this process takes a long time, so we recommend that you do it at night.

We now need to change the music source on the Apple Watch.

  • Open the Music application. Touch and hold the screen to open other options.
  • Select Source and set to Apple Watch.


The synced playlist should appear in the app, and you should be able to play them without using your iPhone.

How do I listen to Spotify on my Apple Watch?

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Spotify is most Apple users’ favorite place to listen to music. And they were overjoyed when they recently introduced an offline music playback feature. You can download music or stream it via Spotify. Note, however, that you must be a premium user to download songs to the Apple Watch.

  • Open Spotify on your smartphone and select a playlist, album or podcast.
  • Tap the three dots and then tap Download on the Apple Watch.
  • Go to the Downloads section of the clock to check your progress.

Spotify claims to be the best for music and parties, so we recommend it more than the previous ones. But everyone’s personal preference is different, so choose what works best for you.

Listen to Deezer on your Apple Watch

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Deezer is another popular music streaming service in the Apple community. This service, like the other two, allows users to stream music on the Apple Watch. Like Spotify, you’ll need a valid subscription to download music to your Apple Watch. If you have an Apple Watch 3 or higher, you can enjoy the best of Deezer, and yes, Apple and Spotify have a lot to learn from them.

Download from your phone

Your phone automatically processes the download and sends the data to the watch via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Download directly from the Apple Watch

You can use the Watch to download music when it is connected to Wi-Fi or has Internet access. You can download as many files as your memory permits.

Speaker/headphone jack

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We’ve already covered downloading and streaming music on the Apple Watch. However, we haven’t talked about actually playing these files through the speaker or headphones yet. Let’s assume the decision to not include a headphone jack was the right one, because it wouldn’t be much fun to see someone plug a wired headset into the Apple Watch. Or we can assume that Apple engineers don’t know how to design a headphone jack (pun intended). Our only hope is to use Bluetooth as an alternative.

Lucky for us, they’ve made it easy to connect a pair of Bluetooth speakers to the Apple Watch.

Turn on your headphones or speakers and make sure they are not connected to any other devices (to avoid connection problems).

  • In the Settings app on your Apple Watch, go to Bluetooth.
  • Give him time to search for nearby devices. Select the device you want to pair with when it appears in the list.

If you use headphones with the Apple W1 chip (like Air Pods or BeatsX), they will automatically pair with the Apple Watch.

We can split up. We hope you have found this guide useful. Don’t forget to leave a comment if….. You know why…

He often writes and enjoys reading about new technologies. He is active on GizmoChina, GoAndroid and various other blogs. In his spare time he likes to build servers.With the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple has added a new way to listen to music. It’s a great improvement to the Apple Watch in terms of usability and performance, but the thing I’ve missed most is that ability to listen to my own music without my phone.. Read more about how to play music on apple watch spotify and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I listen to music on my Apple watch without my phone?

We all have smart watches these days, they are more convenient than ever and are primarily designed to make our lives better. With a smart watch, we can use the phone for calls, and we can show notifications on the screen of the watch without removing it from our pocket. And since the phone is often in our pocket or purse, we can use it to listen to music. But there’s a problem: since the smartwatches are tiny, they don’t have a lot of storage, so most of the time we end up listening to music through our phones. There is a huge amount of potential in Apple Watch for playing music, whether it’s on the watch itself or through the Apple Music app. You can play music from your phone directly on the watch via Bluetooth, or listen to music stored on the watch itself using the watch’s speaker. But: how do you listen to music stored on your phone without taking it out of your pocket?

Can you listen to Spotify on Apple watch without phone or cellular?

Everyone has been asking about the new Apple Watch Series 4, and it has a pretty cool feature that lets you stream Spotify from your phone when you are on your run. The problem is that you cannot do this without turning on your phone, and for many people that is inconvenient. If you want to run without bringing your phone, you will have to listen to music on Spotify without your phone being unlocked. To be honest, we’re not sure if the Apple watch can actually play music—we’re pretty sure it can’t—but we’re excited to find out! It would be a cool feature to have, and let’s be honest, the watch does have a speaker. So, what happens if you have the watch and want to use it to play music? We’re not sure, but it does seem like an interesting question to research.

What music apps work on Apple watch without phone?

The new Apple Watch Series 4 marks a major improvement to the wearable, but with the rapid growth of wearables in the market, there are still plenty of other devices that can perform many of the same functions as the Apple Watch. On Apple Watch, you can play music wirelessly just by “swiping and tapping” the gym, running, biking, walking, or lifting your arms. However, some of the best music apps are only compatible with certain Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad or Mac. Hence, if you don’t want to miss out, you should know which app to use and which not.

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