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6 Altcoins That Are Going to Be Better Than Bitcoin in the Next 5 Years

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The value of bitcoin surges up the list in the crypto market, but several altcoins have a promising future and are expected to be better than bitcoin in next coming years. Bitcoins are not going anywhere, but these altcoins and their features provide a wide array of opportunities to the investors as an investment tool.

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1. Ethereum

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Ethereum is the most prominent altcoin that is highly expected to be better than bitcoin in the coming years. It is the most preferred cryptocurrency amongst the developers.

Ethereum is itself a decentralized network that enables smart contacts and software platforms that allows developers to develop and run programs and applications within no time.

This decentralized platform prevents fraud, control, or interference from any third party, providing you with complete control over your activities. The idea behind Ethereum was to create a decentralized platform featuring financial apps and software that can be freely accessible to anyone to help run business operations.

Moreover, Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency and has the largest market capitalization after Bitcoins. Ether is the native currency for the Ethereum platform. All these features of Ethereum make it capable of increasing its worth in upcoming times.

2. Stellar

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Stellar is a decentralized platform with a blockchain network exclusively designed to unite the world’s different financial institutions and offer them solutions to effectively perform banking operations. It aims to provide easy and quick solutions in dealing with huge transactions between investment companies and banks.

With the help of this blockchain technology, huge transactions can be made spontaneously with minimal transaction cost and avoid any intermediaries providing ease in making international transfers between banks and institutions. This open blockchain network can be used by anyone to make transactions in any digital currency.

Stellar lumens is the native currency for this blockchain network. Making institutional transfers easy and convenient. Stellar rises up amongst other altcoins with its unique network setup and has minimal legal issues and restrictions that make it a prominent cryptocurrency that is predicted to be better than bitcoin in next coming years.

3. Cardano

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Cardano is amongst the top cryptocurrencies that have the potential to be better than bitcoin in the future. Cardano is based on proof-of-stake validation, which was created for the purpose of decreasing energy consumption. It provides the solution to the biggest concern related to bitcoin, i.e., environmental concerns due to high energy consumption.

The dynamic and flexible network of Cardano allows rigorous processes and fast transactions making it stand out amongst other altcoins. Cardano is still in its development stage with a wide scope of possibilities due to its extensive research during its creation. The relatively modest growth of Cardano makes it a promising cryptocurrency in the future.

Monitoring the steady growth of Cardano over the past years, this blockchain network targets to be the world’s financial operating system by featuring financial applications and programs. It is often compared with Ethereum in providing features like smart contacts, dApps, and even more as one of the thriving altcoin.

4. Uniswap

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Uniswap has constantly been rising the charts in the crypto market. Uniswap is a wide decentralized network that provides a developing platform for DeFi Apps. It is a financial marketplace that ranks up on the list where developers, traders, and liquidity providers can participate together in an ecosystem.

This decentralized exchange has reached record-breaking milestones since its inception and is considered to be one of the leading altcoins that have the potential to do better than bitcoin in the near future. This cryptocurrency is a great addition to your investment portfolio, which can provide you with profitable returns in the long run.

Moreover, the DeFi framework is growing steadily amongst the developers, traders, and liquidity providers that allows UNI coins to surge their value even more in the crypto market.

5. Binance Coin

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Binance Coin is a native cryptocurrency of the world’s most successful and largest crypto exchange and trading platform, Binance. Binance Coin works as a utility coin that you must use as a payment option to pay the fees incurred while trading in cryptocurrencies in Binance exchange. This leads to the increasing demand and value of this altcoin.

This makes Binance Coin one of the thriving cryptocurrencies that will remain on top in the next coming years. Those who use Binance Coin as a mode of payment in Binance’s decentralized exchange can avail of discounts while trading.

This is the reason why the majority of traders associated with Binance use their tokens as a mode of exchange to trade at a discount. Binance coin has been considered a valuable asset for an investment portfolio that can provide you with profitable returns.

6. Litecoin

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Litecoin was created to follow the footsteps of bitcoin with the aim of providing solutions to the major concerns related to bitcoins. It is considered to be the greatest alternative to bitcoin providing new opportunities to investors as an investment tool.

Litecoin is also a decentralized digital currency that is based on an open-source network for making payments worldwide. Unlike bitcoin mining, you don’t need high-end expensive AISC mining rigs. Litecoin is based on scrypt mining that can be done on regular CPUs.

In many ways, Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin, like faster block generation, and makes it a faster mode of payment. It has the potential features to lead this altcoin growing number of investors and traders, making it thrive in upcoming times.

The Bottom-line

Currently, bitcoin is the most valuable digital currency in the crypto market, and no other altcoins have a value near to bitcoins. All these mentioned altcoins have the potential to do better than bitcoin in the next 5-10 years. These cryptocurrencies have shown consistent growth in value in the last few years and can be used as an alternative investment portfolio.