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5 Fascinating Facts About Solar Panel Technology

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More and more people are starting to see the benefits of solar panel technology. Keep reading to learn more about solar energy.

The most abundant source of energy in the universe is right outside your window.

That’s right, solar panel technology allows mankind to harness this most abundant resource: sunlight. It powers everything from homes, to the International Space Station.

It’s energy that’s clean and green. It may just get our planet off dirty fossil fuels such as oil and coal. And best of all, this sci-fi tech is here, and it’s ready to use.

Solar energy is an incredible science, and below are 5 fascinating solar panel facts.

1. It Produces Virtually No Harmful Byproducts

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Oil and coal are notorious for their impact on climate change. They take a massive amount of manpower to extract from the earth, and then electricity plants burn them to generate electricity.

Burning natural resources releases C02, which causes catastrophic damage to the environment. This C02 is a greenhouse gas, meaning it sits in the atmosphere and leads to unnatural levels of warming. This added increase in the global temperature threatens to kill off the earth’s wealth of biodiversity.

Enter: solar panel science.

Solar panels produce no byproducts when they generate energy. Only during the manufacturing process is there any risk of pollution, and this is minimal compared to natural resources.

2. It Breaks up Atoms to Produce Electricity

There are many types of solar panels, but the most common kind–photovoltaic–makes electricity by breaking electrons off of atoms. These cells of negatively-charged atoms permit photons to enter, which then break off electrons and create pure electricity in the process.

3. Solar Panels Can Scale

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Many forms of energy generation require large plants with skilled staff to produce the electricity that powers our homes. Solar panel technology, on the other hand, provides as much or as little solar energy as you need, and far less maintenance.

Solar panels can be small enough to mount on a backpack for charging phones. Or they can be large, covering entire fields. Solar panels let customers decide exactly how much energy they want to produce for their use case.

4. Solar Panels Are Affordable

The biggest benefit to the average consumer is installing solar panels on their roofs and saving on electric bills. But a common criticism is the high entry price.

For many Texans, the Smart Meter Texas website is a comprehensive source of information for all Texans who use solar energy from energy providers, enabling them to better understand their energy consumption and manage their bills.

The Blue Raven process and others aim to make solar panel installation cheap and painless. Solar doesn’t need to break your budget–and once you give it enough time, it will more than pay you back with a return on your investment.

5. Solar Panels Are Only Getting Better

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Solar panels are improving drastically in their efficiency with every passing year. New form factors–including ultrathin, flexible solar panels–allow you to install them anywhere you need.

Like any technology, time will turn this green energy into the most efficient one around.

Solar Panels Are the Energy of the Future

These are only a few fascinating facts about solar panel technology. Solar panels are the energy of the future, but you can reap their benefits now.

Join the movement and make solar energy the energy you use to power your future!