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7 Flower Arranging Tips & Secrets You Need to Know

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Be it for birthdays, weddings, farewell parties, anniversaries, functions, or even for home decorations, flowers are used everywhere. There are plenty of flowers in different sizes, shapes, and colors all over the world. Flowers are not just gorgeous but add beauty to the surroundings.

Many people who actually stay out of the country often send flowers to India to their family and friends on special occasions. Flowers also symbolize feelings and one’s personality. Do you have an interest in making flower bouquets but do not know how to arrange them? In that case, keep on reading because we have incorporated the best flower arranging tips and secrets shared by florists.

Top 7 Flower Arranging Tips

Flowers have their own essence, and it is vital to arrange different flowers together, which can enhance each other’s beauty. You have to understand that not all flowers go well with each other, and sometimes combining them will make them look awful. Keeping that in mind, we will tell you some tips about how to arrange flowers in the following section.

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Trim And Gather Flowers

After getting the flowers, some eager people may want to start arranging them in an instant. But, you have to follow a few crucial steps for preparing the flowers so they can stay fresh for longer durations. The first and foremost thing to do is take out additional petals and deteriorated leaves from stems.

Plus, if you find any buds on the stem of the flower, make sure to remove them. After peeling the extra things on the stalks, try to make a slope cut on the bottom of those stems. You can place those cut stems in a pot or bowl of water along with food for cut flowers.

Choose Seasonal Flowers

If you are making flower arrangements but have a limited budget, it is better to obtain flowers that are currently in season. It is because many seasonal flowers are available at an affordable price. Besides that, they retain more shelf life compared to other flowers. Keep in mind not to choose the rare or exotic seasonal blossoms because it can be a little expensive to send flowers to Mumbai.

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Include Focal Flowers

If you want to add flowers with unique color and texture, make sure to add the focal flowers. Besides that, these are also the largest blossoms. Instead of putting them in a uniform way, it is best to place them in an odd design or asymmetrical layout to give the arrangement a realistic look. Make sure not to add numerous focal flowers on the sides. It is because the final structure might look rather heavy and floppy instead of giving a vibrant look.

Putting Filler Flowers

If you choose the focal flowers, putting the filler flowers between them will definitely look good. These blossoms are usually tiny and have unique textures which look relatively elegant to fill in the small spaces. However, make sure not to add them in a bunch on the sides or near the main flowers.

It is better to add these filler flowers throughout the arrangement to make it look complete from almost all aspects. If you want, you can blend tiny blossoms together in three to five clusters to create clumps. These clusters will make them look like the real ones from the tree.

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Foolproof Arrangements

One best and easy method of arranging the flowers is putting one stem flower into slim neck pots and spreading some more blossoms near the window space and table. This arrangement is an incredible look that is easiest to protect. However, this design is suitable for only specific types of flowers.

If you have chosen different kinds of flowers that have fresh and delicate heads, it is best to put them in a criss-cross style. This arrangement looks modern, and it can also provide extra support to the buds of every flower and makes the vase fuller. For example, acid green or turquoise-colored containers are excellent choices. These vases have the potential to fill out any sort of flower.

If you want to put the flowers in a transparent plastic or glass pot, place a few colored pebbles on the bottom surface of the vase to enrich the total look. Arranging big and colorful blossoms in a watering can and keeping them near the window is another famous method. This arrangement will look top-notch if you add some hydrangea or a few wild blooms. As per your taste, you can also make some specific personal touches on the flower arrangements.

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Best Options For Foliage

Almost all the skilled florists suggest you begin the flower arrangement with foliage. However, you should not add too much leafage because the primary preference should be given to flowers. Many florists often utilize euphorbia oblongata, which is in acid green color. It tends to put a direct difference and radiance to the arrangement. Besides that, it is also popular for flower arrangements because of its strong standing stem and healthy look.

Keep in mind to use hand gloves while putting the foliage because a few people tend to suffer from allergic reactions because of its sap. You can also use bupleurum, which is another popular choice. This foliage is generally used in winter, making it perfect for flower arrangements during Christmas.

Cleaning The Vase

Before putting the flowers into the vase, you have to make sure that the container is clean. If you want to make the whole flower arrangement look beautiful, it is vital to clean the vase, which indicates that you have to spend some more time cleaning the vessel.

In order to eliminate the stains from a glass vase, you can utilize bleach or Milton tablets and a bottle brush. Keep in mind to clean and dry the vase thoroughly to prevent deterioration and smudges.

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Bottom Line

It is easy to know about flower arrangements through the above tips and secrets. One best florist secret is that almost everybody can learn how to arrange flowers. By practicing more, you can easily organize the flowers and combine the best ones.