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Download Windows 11 Wallpapers in 4K Resolution

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Microsoft has just made Windows 10 the default operating system for PCs, and it’s pretty clear that the company has its eyes on a future where people will use their computers like phones. The good news is that your Windows 10 PC can benefit from the best of both worlds: the benefits of an awesome desktop OS like Windows 10, while also having the perks of a tablet-like OS like Windows 10 on a tablet.

I have been a long-time Windows user since the early 2000s, so I have seen the progression of Windows over the years. Starting as a flat windows GUI, Windows 7, and Windows 8 brought in a new style of design that made it look like a console. Windows 8.1 brought a lot of new improvements, such as the start button being restored, and switching between devices. Now, Windows 10 brings back the start menu, and for some strange reason, I have always been a fan of flat icons.

Leading up to the event on the 24th. Windows 11 is already the talking point on the Internet during Windows events scheduled for June. The leaks are getting worse, so the chances of the Windows 11 leaks being true are increasing. And some screenshots of Windows 11 have recently surfaced online. All reliable sources also point to the new Windows 11. Besides screenshots, Windows 11 backgrounds are now available. And if you are interested in wallpapers, you can download Windows 11 wallpapers in high quality here.

Window 11 Details

img source: blogs.windows.com

First, let’s talk about Windows 10, which was released in 2015. During the presentation of Windows 10, Microsoft indicated that it would be the last update of Windows. And they will continue to improve Windows 10 with regular updates. And since then, all Windows 10 users use the same layout, with no noticeable change over the years. Apparently, users are tired of using the same Windows over and over again. Apple and Google also improve their operating systems every year, so Windows is falling behind in this race.

Based on leaks and rumors, it looks like Microsoft has finally heard what fans have been asking for for years. And now they are ready to release a big new update called Windows 11. So far, these are just rumors, but if these leaks come from verified sources, we can expect all the leaks to turn out to be true. Windows 11 will be a major update in a few years and will undoubtedly increase the confidence of Windows users.

In addition, Windows 11 will bring significant changes to the user interface. Windows 11 gets rounded corners for all tabs, a new Windows Start interface, widgets, new wallpapers, improved animations, various Windows customizations, a new Start menu, a new Windows and Start icon, and many other changes. Since Microsoft hasn’t officially said anything about Windows 11 yet, we’re not sure if that will be the case. As you know, Windows 11 comes with new backgrounds, you can get those backgrounds here.

Wallpaperfor Windows 11

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Microsoft has always supported large wallpapers. And also with Windows 10, we have a lot of wallpapers. Although Windows wallpapers also depend on the brand of your computer, you can find some common Windows wallpapers on all Windows devices. The same goes for Windows 11, which also includes two new cool wallpapers. We managed to get our hands on a test version of Windows 11 and extracted two Windows 11 wallpapers.

This wallpaper for Windows 11 looks great with a beautiful blue wallpaper aesthetic. If you want to see the background for Windows 11, you can check out the preview below.

Message: These images are an example of the background image and are for illustrative purposes only. The thumbnails are not in original quality, so you do not need to download the images. Use the download link in the download section below.

Download Wallpaper for Windows 11

img source: pcworld.com

As you know, Windows 11 has not been officially released yet, so we cannot say that these leaked Windows 11 wallpapers are official. But it doesn’t matter, because you can try a new wallpaper. And after the official announcement, we will share more Windows 11 wallpapers as soon as they are available in the operating system. We currently have two wallpapers for Windows 11 with the same design, but a light and a dark version.

Both Windows 11 wallpapers are available in a resolution of 3840 x 2400. So it’s not a problem if you value the quality of Windows 11 wallpapers more. Here you can download wallpapers for Windows 11 from the Google Drive and Google Photos links. After downloading, go to your download folder and select the wallpaper you want to install on your smartphone or PC. Open it, then click on the menu icon with the three dots or right-click to set the background image.

That’s it. You may also like – Download macOS Monterey wallpapers [6K resolution]. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. Share this article with your friends too. Other similar articles:

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