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Best Fishing Locations in Corpus Christi & Best Seasons

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Corpus Christi is a city on the Texas Gulf Coast. It is home to one of the busiest ports in the United States, and is one of Texas’s best fishing destinations.

The best fishing locations in Corpus Christi and best seasons are:

The best fishing locations in Corpus Christi are along the ocean, and the best fishing seasons for most species are winter and fall when the tide is high and temperatures are cooler. The best way to see which locations and seasons have the best fishing is to get an annual fishing license from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), and then go out and try them all.

Corpus Christi offers almost all types of fishing. From saltwater fishing to freshwater fishing, you’ll find it all here, just a short drive from town. Corpus Christi is known as the birding capital of North America because of the quality of birding in the area. Fishing can be even better than bird watching, if you’re willing to put a little effort into it.

Corpus Christi is located on the shores of a large bay known for its warm water and recreational opportunities. Access to fishing spots, charter companies, and outfitters is abundant in this bay, making travel easy and relaxing. Another factor to consider before you leave is that Corpus Christi is known as the windiest city in North America. This makes it a center for wind-related activities such as parasailing and kite surfing. For you fishermen, the wind is not necessarily a good thing. Expect high winds and make sure your equipment is safe and cannot fall over. The rest of the time the wind is pleasant for fishing.

Best places to fish near Corpus Christi (saltwater)

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Fishing places

There are many places to fish in the ocean. A popular way to understand fish is to examine their habitat. The state of Texas uses an interactive mapping program to identify artificial reefs. These places are an excellent starting point for catching most species, and the reefs themselves tend to expand, making them easy to navigate by boat. There are 42 artificial reefs up to 100 km off the coast, stretching from Matamoros to Houston. When fishing on the high seas, it is advisable to use these areas to your advantage. Recommended deep sea fishing charters near Corpus Christi: Texas Crew’d Sport Fishing specializes in wahoo, tuna, cobia, kingfish, grouper, lutian, sharks and more. Always An Adventure Guide Service specializes in inshore and offshore fishing for Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Kobia, King Mackerel and more. Wishing I Was Fishing Charter will put you on the hunt for sailfish, wahoo, lutan, grouper, cobia, barracuda and many other species.

Best places to fish in coastal waters

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Corpus Christi has some great spots for fishing in calmer waters. Islands and marinas are great places to get away from the surf. Here are some places you should visit during your stay. Recommended deep sea fishing charters near Corpus Christi: Coastal Rod Bender (Aransas Pass), Steven’s Guide Service (Port Aransas), Artificial Action Guide Service (Aransas Pass), Team Liberty Guide Service (Corpus Christi), Fillabite Guide Service (Port Aransas)

Fish Auction Marina

The place was created from a channel cut through Mustang Island, leaving a perfect coastline, but with calmer waters. Fishing here can be very exciting, but it is very popular with locals and knowledgeable visitors, so it is best to arrive early. Any saltwater lure is good here, for example. B. shrimp and cut bait, but bring plenty, as the bait shops are further away than the previously mentioned piers.

Oso Bay Bridge

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It is an ideal spot for wading and is easily accessible directly from the road. Fish often pass through this area as temperatures change and move into Corpus Christi Bay itself. This area is closed to fishing at certain times due to its proximity to the Naval Air Station, but is well worth a visit during the day. Moving from Corpus Christi: 20 minutes

Portland Wading Area

This place is a little outside of Corpus Christi, in a park called Bayside Park, but it’s worth mentioning because of the long beach with enough room for lots of people. This spot is ideal for catching most of the species mentioned elsewhere, but it is an excellent spot for summer trout, so it is worth a visit if that is what you are looking for. Two piers are also available at this location. Warning: Watch out for stingrays when wading. To avoid stepping on it, do a Stingray Shuffle.

The best fishing ponds and lagoons

The marinas and lagoons around Corpus Christi offer many fishing and recreational opportunities. Lagoons are a special kind of environment that offer a unique fishing experience.

Laguna Madre

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Corpus Christi Bay and the surrounding lagoons offer excellent fishing for sea trout, redfish, black drum, Spanish mackerel, shark, pumpkinseed and many other species. Madre Lagoon or Mother Lagoon in Corpus Christi is one of five lagoons in the world that are hypersaline, meaning the concentration of salt there is higher than in the ocean itself. In these areas, consider using a dry fly and other artificial fishing gear, which has more buoyancy due to the high salinity of the water. Madre’s lagoon is home to a wide variety of fish species, and the lagoon itself provides a favorable environment for them to thrive.

Catfish of various kinds, flounder, mullet of various kinds, king mackerel – just to name a few. Piers are a great way to access quality fishing, with all the gear you may need at your fingertips. Almost all marinas have bait shops, so it’s easy to buy bait. Here are some of the best marinas in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Moving from Corpus Christi: 2 hours

Red Point fishing pier

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The Red Dot fishing pier is located by the bay itself and offers great views and access to the fishing grounds. Fish species caught here include redfish, trout, blue whiting, rum jack and tarpon. This pier has very specific but liberal hours of 6:00 am to 12:00 pm for permitted use. This gives you plenty of time to fish. Centrally located on the Kennedy Causeway, this pier offers easy access to Padre Island to the east and Flor Bluff to the west, as well as all the amenities they offer. Moving from Corpus Christi: 22 minutes

Municipal fishing pier Philippe Dimitt

Philip Dimitt’s Fishing Pier is located on the shoreline northwest of the Red Dot Fishing Pier. The hotel just steps away from the RV area, making it an ideal spot for RV travelers. The fish caught here are no different than those at Red Point Pier, but Phillip’s Pier is larger. Philip Pier offers other family-friendly options, such as a children’s park. Depending on the tides and other factors, this is a great place for wading and fishing, while some other parts of the bay are not suitable for wading. Move from Corpus Christi: 20 minutes. Warning: Watch out for stingrays when wading. To avoid stepping on it, do a Stingray Shuffle.

Pierce Indian Point

This jetty is located in the middle of the bay and offers excellent fishing opportunities in deep water. This pier is located between Portland and Corpus Christi, making it central to the amenities of both places. As with other anchorages in the area, there is a bait and tackle shop within walking distance with everything you need to stay and fish. This pier is very large, which means you usually have a little more room to fish. Moving from Corpus Christi: 20 minutes The Corpus Christi Bay area is a launching pad for excellent inshore and offshore fishing.

Best places to fish near Corpus Christi (freshwater)

There are many freshwater fishing access points in the Corpus Christi area. From lakes to reservoirs to ponds, with all the twists and turns that fish love. If you go freshwater fishing in Corpus Christi, you can catch species like trout, bass, sunfish, catfish and crappie.

Colleto Creek Cooling Pond

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This body of water provides a variety of entrances and variations for species such as perch and crappie to hide in. Try to fish early in the day when the temperatures are cooler. In extreme heat, perch and crappie hide in shelters. Shad are abundant in most waters and are the preferred food source for bass. Try using shad profile lures and Texas jigs to lure them out of cover for the protected areas. Bait such as simple plastics, live nightcrawlers, or jerk baits is working well. Moving from Corpus Christi: 1.5 hours.

San Antonio River

This river offers excellent fly fishing and stream fishing. Try almost any fly, but be aware of the insects present at the time of your visit and pick them up as best you can. Perch, catfish and trout are common in this river, with perch generally being the most sought after. Rivers are generally cooler than ponds or lakes, so the time of day isn’t that important. Choose a time that suits you. If you are fishing in Texas, cooler temperatures may be more appropriate. I recommend focusing on the early morning and late afternoon to catch the best bars. Moving from Corpus Christi: 1.5 hours

Corpus Christi Lake

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Lake Corpus Christi is one of the largest and most popular freshwater lakes in the region. The fish caught here range from bass to trout to crappie. As with most freshwater fishing, you should try lures and live bait. The nightshift works everywhere, so you can start there. Lures for perch fishing, like crankbaits, spinnerbaits and jerkbaits are very suitable for catching trout. Try to fish the area in the early morning or late evening when the temperatures start to drop. Fish usually choose a spot on the bank with deep water, so bottom fishing with live bait is ideal. Displacement of Corpus Christi: 40 minutes

Choke Canyon Reservoir

This lake has a large diameter, but there is a large bay to the north that is excellent for bass fishing. There is also excellent fishing if you go far enough back into the bays. Try lures in the entrance areas of the water and lures in the deeper part of the water. Use a Texas jig when fishing in narrow areas to avoid confusion and hooking. In shallow water, the time of day is important because temperatures rise more easily. Large bass are regularly caught in these waters. Moving from Corpus Christi: 1.5 hours

Lott Lake

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Since it is a small lake, it will be full of bass and toads. I recommend the use of artificial fish material, which avoids tangles as much as possible. It is not possible to launch boats on this lake, so it is best to use only boats that you can carry, such as a sloop. For example, a canoe, a pleasure boat, or a flotation device. Fish early in the morning and late at night when it is cooler, and follow the fish from the shelter as you would in most waters. Artificial materials that are reflective in some form, such as. B. Glitter or a spoon, works better because the water is darker. Moving from Corpus Christi: 1.5 hours

Seasonal guide: Best times to fish in Corpus Christi

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The seasons change where you catch fish, and that changes their behavior. It’s important to choose the right time for your trip, so here are some tips on the seasons in Corpus Christi.


Freshwater species are generally catchable year-round, but become more persistent during certain periods. Perch can usually be caught without too much difficulty, except in mid-summer, but starting in August they become easier to catch. Crappie, catfish and trout are generally caught year round without too many problems. Fishing techniques for these species include fishing with a shaker line and setting a Texas Rig or Drop Shot.


The saltwater fishery offers a greater diversity of species and is very sensitive to factors such as temperature and pressure, but in general the seasons are as follows.

  • Goldfish – February to November
  • Brook trout – February to November
  • Flounder – April to November
  • Black drum – February to November
  • Sheepshead – February to November
  • Jack Crevalle – June and July
  • Spanish mackerel – July to September
  • Purple loosestrife – July to September

Corpus Christi also offers activities other than fishing. There is plenty to do and see, from relaxing on the beach to visiting an aircraft carrier.

Why you should consider a guide or charter in Corpus Christi

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Corpus Christi is a great place to fish, but like any city you don’t live in, it can be difficult to navigate. Charters make their money by knowing what they are doing. They know the best spots on and off the water. Booking a charter simplifies the fishing aspect of your trip and allows you to fully enjoy your vacation. Corpus Christi is a very active place in terms of sport fishing, and booking in advance is the best option for those who want a tour. Consider shared travel options to save money. The advantage of hiring a charter is the simplification of the trip itself. You don’t have to worry about how to get there, which makes the trip much more enjoyable. Charters can do more than just take you to the fish. They are also locals and can tell you where to eat best, but also where not to.

The best bait to use

There are many different types of bait used in the Corpus Christi area, but most locals will tell you that shrimp work best. For saltwater, most bait shops have shrimp and cut bait, but they usually have freshwater bait as well. Cut bait has a much stronger taste than live or cooked shrimp and really enhances the fish’s predatory instinct, but there are also shrimp available with flavoring and other agents. Bait shops near fishing docks and access points know best what to use in the area, so don’t hesitate to ask. Corpus Christi is a great place to fish because of the variety of locations and fish species. It will be easy to get lost here and come back, even years later. Catching the fish of life, that’s what it is.

Other local considerations

When choosing accommodation, make sure the hotel is close to the water from which you are departing. Save time and handle the matter accordingly. Visit the Bayfront and Downtown areas for great local restaurants and nightlife. If you like to have a beer with friends, several breweries offer great local beers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the best fishing in Corpus Christi?

Corpus Christi is a city in the South Texas region of the US. It is located at the easternmost part of the Texas Gulf Coast, and is the county seat of Nueces County. The Corpus Christi area is part of the much larger Corpus Christi metropolitan area, which includes the communities of Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Port Aransas, Portland, Rockport, Port Lavaca, and Brazoria. There are many reasons to love fishing, but the main reason is it is one of those activities that you can do with your friends and family. Everyone has different preferences for fishing, so what’s best for you? Fishing in Corpus Christi, TX can be enjoyed all year long and it doesn’t matter if it’s the best time of the year to fish, the best fishing season. However, a few months of the year are known for being better than others. Here is a list of the best times to fish in Corpus Christi, TX:

Is there good fishing in Corpus Christi Texas?

The Corpus Christi fishing scene is pretty wide open, with plenty of fish and diverse fishing styles to keep even the most experienced angler guessing. In addition, the area around Corpus Christi Island has excellent recreational opportunities. Corpus Christi is one of the most overlooked areas for fishing in Texas (I’m hoping to change that). It is still a great place for people who want to fish but don’t want to go to the beach (it’s much safer), or if you want to fish the best areas in the area for the best fishing (parkway @ the beach is not very good). The best times for fishing are from Mid-May to Mid-October.

Can you still go fishing in Corpus Christi?

Yes, you can go fishing in Corpus Christi, Texas, all year long. Some people prefer to do so in January, others in February, but I chose to do so on a fishing trip in May. May, because it is the best month to go fishing in Corpus Christi, Texas. The spring/summer is the best time, but if you’re in Corpus Christi it’s not too late to go Fishing. The best time to go fishing is from March through September. The best places to go is at North Padre Island and South Padre Island. The best way to go is with a boat, some fishing poles and bait.

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