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Google Docs Gets the “Smart Reply” Option in the Comments Section

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If you use Google’s email service Gmail you probably know that the “Smart Reply” option was implemented in it back in 2017. In recent years, the option has been appropriately improved and given new opportunities, but its main task – speed up the process of replying to messages and suggest to the user which words would best suit a particular moment – has not changed.

However, Google has just decided to expand the reach of the Smart Reply option by including it in the comments section for Google Docs.

In Which Way Will the New Function Be Enabled?

Img source: unsplash.com

The feature will be enabled by default and will suggest responses to comments in your documents, but there is a way to disable it for those who don’t like it.

How to enable the new feature?

  • Go to “Tools” in the document menu.
  • Then go to “Settings” and click that option.
  • The “Show smart reply suggestions” function will appear; click on it.
  • Finally, disable the option.

With the Smart Reply feature enabled, users can access suggested replies by simply clicking on the comment thread in Google Docs, after which Google’s AI displays suggested answers. If the user thinks the proposed answer is relevant, they can click on the comment and post or edit it according to their requirements before sharing it with others. But the smart answer may not display suggestions in all cases and is limited to English only to make this feature work.

For example, if you teamed up with someone to gamble together, you may utilize the new functionality in Google Docs for better communication in the spreadsheet you are using to learn how to manage your bets and improve your performance. Google Docs may be used by serious gamblers to figure out which types of bets are giving them a good return over time playing casino games at operators on TopCasinoExpert.com. For this reason, a simple spreadsheet layout is believed to be a good idea.

Smart Reply Elicited a Wide Range of Reactions

Img source: unsplash.com

But, the full potential of Smart Reply will be seen in the workflow in offices of companies that communicate on work tasks using this means. Nevertheless, These AI-powered features have elicited a wide range of reactions. Some people like the ease with which AI can provide those little verbal platitudes that keep the ‘office’ running smoothly. Others lament their deafening effect on language and, if you are feeling really melodramatic, the human soul. Why bother thinking about what you are saying to your coworkers when AI can fill in the blanks? We, if anyone asks us, are looking forward to the day when we are no longer required to perform our duties ourselves, and our AI can converse with AIs of coworkers while we take a nap elsewhere.

Google’s AI Smart Reply and Smart Compose features have conquered yet another region. The latter may already be found in Gdocs and other places, while the former can be found in your Gmail inbox. Anyway, for people who use Google Docs as early as November, so a few weeks after the announcement, Smart Reply was supposed to be available. It is worth mentioning once again that the only supported language so far is English.