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Classic, Adventure, and Strategy: The Best Free PC Games in One Place

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There are a lot of free games available right now, but keeping track of them all can be difficult, and you may be missing out on some outstanding ones. So, compiling a list of every free game that comes across our screens, we have decided to provide you with a hand. The idea is to assist you in locating and claiming games that would normally cost money.

For more information, see our categorized list of the greatest free games you can on your PC.

Best Free PC Games: Classic


At the beginning of the year, Blizzard started selling a great re-master, but if the original is good enough for South Korea, it is good enough for us. There is a reason why it is still an eSports sensation today, being offered by every online betting site that claims to be reputable and is found at Bookmaker-Expert.com, and this cult RTS remains a triumph of strict strategy and fierce competition, with incredible depth in which you can easily get lost.

The Dark Mod

This standalone game allows you to download a large number of custom stealth levels, from Thief’s Den to the more open types of Back to the City and quite spooky like The Creeps.

The Operative: No One Lives Forever

As things stand, no one can agree on who owns the rights to this legendary stealth FPS, thus the odds of a sequel or even a re-master coming out are little to none, and you cannot even acquire an original copy. Fortunately, there are links you can download the game and its equally valuable sequel for free.

Its clever humor and charming setting from the 1960s are beautifully combined into one, as is his unique genre. The key to success is the creative use of the arsenal of stupid, having James Bond-like gadgets at your disposal. These include lipstick bombs, perfume with sleeping pills, and a rocket launcher inside your briefcase.

Beneath a Steel Sky

In this early “show and click” adventure by creator Broken Sword, the art of Watchman Dave Gibbons appears, a distorted sci-fi story with a great deal of sense of humor. One of his ideas is how to insert the electronic brain of your friend AI Joey into various mechanical robots to solve puzzles.

The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall

The second Elder Scrolls game is huge and ambitious, with the provinces of High Rock and Hammerfell open to exploration. This is where a lot of what became standard for the series began, such as the possibility of joining the Mages Guild.

The MS-DOS Archive.org library

This suggestion is out of category because it is a collection of thousands of old, free PC games that may be downloaded. The MS-DOS collection on Archive.org contains more than 4,000 games, all of which are easy to play in just a few seconds of installation. Wolfenstein 3D, Prince of Persia, Jazz Jackrabbit, Carmen Sandiego… you could spend your whole life in lunch breaks playing these games alone.

Best Free PC Games: Adventure

The Doll Shop

The Doll Shop is a horror-romance hybrid that transports you to a little village covered beneath a blanket of snow. It recounts a spooky tale about frightening handmade dolls. Day after day in this desolate village you take care of your dolls. They are your family. Half romance, half horror, The Doll Shop will allow you to choose your destiny.

The Supper

It is a dark story of revenge as the darkest side of the human soul. Ms. Appleton was always very kind to everyone until The Voice started talking to her. He will not leave her alone. He orders her to serve a very special meal to some respectable customers. Explore, cook, and solve puzzles in this delicious treat for adventure game lovers.

Lockheart Indigo

This is a sci-fi detective game that is very reminiscent of JRPG. You have arrived at a huge castle to solve the murder of the former owner, but a locked door and a multitude of suspects stand in your way.

Deltarune: Chapter 1

This sequel to Undertale is full of memorable characters, catchy melodies, and emotional dialogue, although only being a fraction of its size.

Little Party

A calm, bittersweet narrative of a mother’s attempts to reconcile with her daughter. It is a gentle and funny game about rebuilding lost relationships.

Eternal Home Floristry

The story of a killer who is caught in a flower shop while recovering from injuries. The ability of the game to solve difficult themes and dilemmas with one simple act of a delicate flower arrangement is extraordinary.

The Herbalist


An adventure without words about a traveler looking for a mysterious plant. You wander through his strange world trying to interpret the symbols, hoping to discover the plant you need so much.


Off-Peak meets you at an odd train station and encourages you to explore, talk to the people, and take in the peculiar atmosphere. And, as you explore around the station and into its secluded corners, the true nature of the station’s environment is gradually revealed.

Haunted Cities

You can enjoy three volumes. Despite the name, these are not really horror games – they actually inherited much of the atmosphere from games like Silent Hill.

Emily is Away

Have fun as if it were the early 90’s in this narrative game set in a chat client. You will meet the interesting high school student Emily through clips of online conversations about life, love, and Indie rock music. If you enjoy this, it is worth watching the paid sequel Emily is Away Too.

Olav and the Lute

It is a mystical adventure game. Dive into the post-apocalyptic world of imagination to solve riddles, find songs, and perhaps even fix the gaming world with your mystical concert.

Inspired by the old LOOM, Olav & the Lute makes use of outstanding gameplay mechanics. Discover the mystical world’s songs and use them to manipulate other objects. It is not like something bad could happen, is it? Will you be able to understand your mission, let alone fulfill it?

Best Free PC Games: Strategy

Dwarf Fortress

It is a complex game through which you manage various colonies that are still evolving, 18 years after its original origin. The incredible depth of the simulation allows new stories to appear every day as you play, giving your dwarves an interesting life.

Tiny Islands

A strategy game where you draw maps of small islands in the sea by placing beaches, houses, and even waves while you are being dealt random cards. Strategic placement is the main essence of the game because each icon has its own rules.


ASCII thugs have a reputation for unstoppable bandits. You move around the dungeon, and your goal is to travel to all 26 underground levels below the dungeon, retrieve the Amulet of Yendor and return with it to the surface. Depths below 26 feature three lumen-stones apiece, objects that improve results after a win, for the highly adept who desire a greater challenge.

Terra Nile

The game begins at the far end of civilization, allowing you to breathe new life into the post-apocalyptic landscape that surrounds you. Transform a barren wasteland into a natural haven with diverse flora and animals, then clean up after yourself to preserve nature intact. In this relaxing and therapeutic anti-builder, you are constructing devices for cleaning the earth and restoring green plants and trees.