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What Does Ganking Stand for in World of Warcraft?

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You can be good at the keyboard and might have better gaming performance naturally. However, getting yourself familiar with the language of the gaming world is equally important. Therefore, you should also focus on that.

There are certain slangs and terms that players use. If you do not learn them, it will be difficult for you to cooperate with each other. This is just like getting boosters. If boosters are providing you with better abilities, learning the language also improves your team performance.

You can get boosters easily. For example, if you want to get WoW boost service, you can go to buy-boost.com. But if you want to learn slang, there is not a dictionary out there.

That is why we are going to help you here.


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Gank is a term similar to Gang. You have a team of players that goes against another team or a player and defeats him. Or it can be you as a player going against another player and defeating your opponent. So you are just making up your gang and defeating the other players in the game.

But things are not always that simple, usually, gankers are at a higher level in the game. So if you are a beginner, you cannot be a ganker unless you achieve a certain level. To achieve the title Gank, you must have better performance and tactics and must have a higher level. This will allow you to use overwhelming power to defeat the opponents.

In addition to this, the opponent is also in a weak state. For example, you were walking past something and see another player with a low energy level. This is a chance for you to finish him in one go.

In simple words, you will make use of his weakness and instead of helping him, you will just defeat him badly.

Successful gank

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There is another term, which is successful ganking. This means that you had a very short fight and used amazing tactics to win the fight. The shorter and smarter the fight the successful the gank.

Famous and Infamous areas

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There are some areas that are infamous for ganking, these include Hillsbrad Foothills and Stranglethom Vale. Just like that, some areas are good and famous for this purpose. These are the areas where there are more beginners and weak players.

So instead of higher regions, you should focus on these areas, Feralas, Azshara and Desolace. These areas are for quests, so you can have a feast over there and build your repute.

But you must also know that this is similar to gangs and shanks. Therefore, if you practice it repeatedly, other players take it as griefing. But there is nothing unfair here.

How to avoid it

If you are a PvE player and playing that realm, you are in danger. So if you want to prevent ganking, you can turn off your PvP flag.