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5 Common Myths About Mattresses You Should Stop Believing

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A good sleep during the night is critical to ensure that you wake up fresh the next day. It is paramount for your mood and health as well and to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, you must opt for a good mattress.

However, people often get swayed by the various myths circulating regarding mattresses. As a result, they often end up making wrong choices. You can check out Saatva Luxury Firm Review before finalizing any option. In this article, we have discussed five common myths abouts mattresses that you should stop believing.

Myth 1: Pillow-top Mattresses Are A Must

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This is generally a common myth that is circulated by certain companies. The motive behind this is to promote their mattresses and beat their competitors. However, the truth is, you can obtain the exact plush feel with a regular traditional mattress design. If you wish to build a fleecy comfortable princess bed, you can opt for a standard mattress along with a cushioned pad as per your preference.

Myth 2: One Size Is Suitable For All

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Well, there is a high amount of logic that needs to be applied here. It looks like a clever trend adopted by the recently launched mattress companies. The motive behind this is to reduce the complexity when it comes to building distinct models. However, you must consider factors including the natural sleeping position of an individual, sleeping disorders, difficulties, weight, age, and regular preferences before finalizing any option.

Myth 3: You’ll Achieve A Lifetime Warranty

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When companies declare a lifetime warranty, but that is a myth. When they say so, they generally refer to the materials present inside the mattresses. In other words, it means that once the mattress is torn or worn out, it does not fall under the warranty period. It is formless and repairing can turn out quite expensive. Generally, it is best to change mattresses every 7-10 years irrespective of any warranty. The longevity of the mattress entirely depends on its quality, usage, and material.

Myth 4: A Lie-Down Test In The Showroom Is Enough

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Well, think over it. How can an individual check for the quality and longevity of the mattress by laying on it on the showroom floor? The only way to test it is to sleep on it for at least 7-8 hours. The trick here is to connect with a company that provides an affordable trial period along with reasonable return shipping rates.

In case the mattress does not fit your needs, you can easily opt for a different one. However, while some companies do not deal in trial offers, some charge a high return pricing. The moral is, don’t get swayed away in the showroom where the salesperson lays the mattress on the floor.

Myth 5: Have A Bad Back? Go For A Firm Hard Mattress

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This is one of the worst myths about mattresses. The human spine has a natural curvature. Hence, the correct sleeping position is to keep the spine close to the natural curvature thus avoiding extreme pressure. Sleeping on firm mattresses causes acute aches on pressure points instead of supporting the natural curvature. It is vital to select the mattress that helps keep your shoulders, head, waist, and feet in an accurate alignment. Individuals struggling with back pain must pay special attention to this factor.

We hope that the above mentioned pointers help you make an informed choice when selecting a mattress.