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Can Outdoor Succulents Survive Indoors – 2023 Guide

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Keeping plants in your home is extremely beneficial, but sometimes it can also be time-consuming, and you may even risk damaging or killing your favorite plant. If you want a low-maintenance plant that you can keep in your home without having to care about it a lot, then you should get a succulent one. However, this type of vegetation can be tricky to keep sometimes as well, and you need to be aware of what you have and what type of care it needs. Many people choose to keep their cacti outside since that is how they get the most from the sun and the soil, but what if you want to move it inside your house? Keep reading if you want to find out if outdoor succulents can survive indoors.

Make sure you give them the conditions they need

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If you want your vegetation to thrive, and if you want your outdoor plants to be happy inside, then you should be extra careful about the conditions that you give them. Even though succulents love the sun, and they thrive when they are getting enough light, you should never put them in direct sunlight. One of the worst mistakes people make is putting them right near the window. The glass properties, along with the direct sunlight are going to damage them, and chances are, your cacti will dry out.

You should also pay attention to how much water you give them, especially if you let them get the needed nutrients from the soil before without watering them constantly. Indoor plants usually need a lot of water, but this is not the case with succulents. Check to see if the soil is completely dry before adding more water. There are a lot of different types of these plants, so you should be aware that they are going to need a different type of care. Usually, the younger plants need a lot more maintenance, and the older ones just want to be left alone.

Re-soil carefully

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The most important part of this process is re-soiling. If your plant was part of the garden before, and if it wasn’t put in a special pot, then you need to find enough space, and you need to be careful about the type of soil that you pick.

You can choose to get some of your garden soil and put it in the container where your cacti will be placed, or you can choose to invest in a special type made for succulents only. Note that when you are transferring the vegetation from your garden to their new container you have to be really gentle so you don’t damage it. Never use too much force and make sure you don’t damage the roots. Give them enough space so that they can continue growing and be sure to check on their health constantly for the first few weeks.

Ultimately, the outdoor succulents can and will thrive indoors, as long as you give them the proper care. Make sure you do additional research depending on the exact type of vegetation that you have, and if needed, talk to the seller about specific maintenance tips.