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Easy Romantic Dinner Ideas with Cream for Couples

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Running out of dinner ideas for the next date with your loved one? We totally get you, sometimes we are simply not inspired and it seems like we have already made every single food in the world. However, we are also aware that this is far from the truth and that there are so many amazing recipes waiting for you to discover them and prepare some new, delicious meals! In case you and your partner both have a sweet tooth, then suggestions of some nice desserts will surely come in handy. That is why in this article we decided to share with you some easy romantic dinner ideas with whipped cream for couples. Enjoy!

If you are for something very simple, then go for strawberries with whipped cream

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We all know about the famous strawberries with whipped cream. And that they are always the perfect combination for a date night with a loved one. But the simplest recipes are the ones we often forget. Why complicate your life, when you can make an amazing sweet dinner with just a few ingredients? If you are very lazy or like pure simplicity, you can just wash the strawberries, clean them and apply your favorite whipped cream over them. Yum!

However, if you want to go a step further grab the nutella and get to work. Take a knife and cut out the central part of the strawberry, so you can fill them with nutella. Then apply whipped cream to the strawberry base. Nutella will give a creamy, chocolate touch to this recipe and be the perfect contrast to refreshing strawberries and airy whipped cream.

Chocolate mousse is always a good choice

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Who doesn’t love a good chocolate mousse? It is prepared in just a few minutes and is a real treat for the palate. You will need whipped cream, sugar, chocolate, and you can also add cheese or your favorite fruit to take your mousse game to the next level. Prepare whipped cream in one bowl, and in another pour melted chocolate and add the other ingredients. Then combine everything, pour into some nice glasses and leave to cool in the fridge until dinner. Finally, grate your favorite chocolate from above and add raspberries or strawberries on top. And don’t forget that extra sprinkle of love!

If you hate to prepare whipped cream by hand, we fully understand you and suggest that you purchase a whipped cream dispenser that will make it as easy as possible for you to prepare your favorite cakes. Also, at Mr. Nang you can find additional tools for your dispenser and make this whole experience much easier and more enjoyable.

Conclusion: Dates are always much better with a delicious bite. And if you run out of ideas for easy and tasty dinners, you can use our recipes. In case both you and your partner have a sweet tooth, we suggest you prepare strawberries with Nutella and whipped cream, or chocolate mousse. It will only take you a few minutes to prepare them, and you will enjoy these creamy treats all evening.