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A Virtual Office Address in London Can Leverage Your Business

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In days gone by, it would be hard to justify that a virtual office can leverage your business. But in the digital age, a virtual office address helps to build trust around your brand.

The digital age provides a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs and creative individuals to set up a business with minimal overheads. However, consumers generally trust businesses that have a physical address.

Businesses also earn consumer trust if they are reachable. Sometimes that means making yourself more available. That’s not always easy if you’re a one-man-band trying to build a business.

Virtual offices don’t merely provide you with a postcode or PO Box to use as a business address. Unlike the post office, virtual office providers have a physical address you can state as your contact address. Some also provide a phone answering service.

Telephone Answering Services

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Running a business is time-consuming and you may not always be available to take calls. If you are a solopreneur or a digital nomad you may rarely have the time to take a phone call.

Taking advantage of a telephone answering service offered by virtual office providers might just give you the freedom you need. If you’re unavailable for whatever reasons, a professional receptionist will take the call on your behalf and take a message for you.

Ideally, you want a virtual office provider that has developed a sound strategy here. There’s little point in advertising your phone number if the person answering the phone works for another company.

Some virtual office providers get around this by giving you a private line. When the caller comes through on that line, the receptionist answers the call citing your business name.

They will then try to connect the call to you – either to your mobile phone or a landline manned by a member of your team. If you can’t be reached the receptionist will take a message and email it to you.

This leverages your business in several ways. A receptionist makes you appear successful. Together with a prestigious address – say in central London or New York – your company appears larger and more successful than it is.

This gives customers confidence. Successful businesses get there because they are good at what they do.

Secondly, you never miss an opportunity. Whether you’re in a meeting, taking time off or so deep in thought that you don’t want to leave the zone, there is always somebody there to connect with a client.

Impressive Addresses for Prices You Can Afford

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Let’s say you rented an office in central London. The cost would be in the region of £550 to £900. That would be great if that was the total price for the month – but it’s the cost per square metre.

Renting offices in London is out of the question for most start-ups. Even established firms are leaving following Brexit. But with a virtual office, you can still have access to a prestigious postal address in central London. And that looks good.

An actual business premise gives you a registered address you can use to promote on your website, marketing material, letterheads and invoices. It creates a good impression of your business.

Some virtual offices even have meeting rooms and office space you can rent by the hour. So if you need to arrange a face-to-face meeting with a client, investor or potential partner, you can invite them to your offices.