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George Kittle Is Already Inspiring Confidence About the Trey Lance Era in San Francisco

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George Kittle is one of the most exciting running back prospects in the recent history of the NFL draft. His 11 touchdowns are fifth most in the country, and his 631 yards rushing are the most ever by a California small school player. He’s also a great asset to his team (remember, the 49ers lost 2nd round picks in this draft, and their 2017 second round pick) by averaging 25.8 yards per catch.

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle is already inspiring confidence about the next era in San Francisco. Kittle is the latest in a long line of tight ends to come out of the University of Iowa, and he wants to be no exception. When he heard that Jim Harbaugh was not returning to coach the 49ers, he said he was excited for what the coaches will do to make him and the franchise better.

If San Francisco 49ers fans are worried about rookie quarterback Trey Lance, we suggest they listen to George Kittle. After just a few days with the 49ers’ first-round pick, their All-Pro tight end seems impressed and optimistic. And that’s when you have to listen, when Kittle starts talking.

George Kittle hired Trey Lance

word-image-956 San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance has already been praised for his play | Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images George Kittle is either already a big Trey Lance fan or the veteran has a great face. Loyal 49ers fans should hope it’s the first. According to NBC Sports, Kittle praised Lance, the third pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, during the team’s offseason workouts. He looks better there than the starting quarterback. If he’s there, he’s throwing.

George Kittle Kittle told reporters that Lance really upset him at one point in practice. The rookie quarterback connected with Louisiana-Monroe tight end Josh Pederson on a play-action pass. He found [Pederson] in the back corner during the move, and he was the last guy we threw the ball to on that play, Kittle recalled. The fact that he found it on his first outing is pretty cool.

Kittle’s praise of Lance is remarkable given his experience

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Kittle decided to take a diplomatic stance in the 49ers’ quarterback battle between Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo, and it turned out to be the right decision. However, we should not immediately dismiss the tight end’s words and think he was giving the media a safe answer.

The two-time Pro Bowler winner got his first look at a rookie quarterback when he and C.J. Beathard, a third-round pick in 2017, entered the NFL together this year. The 49ers also signed Nick Mullens as a rookie this year. Kittle knows starting quarterbacks, and he knows what’s on their minds. If he sees a lot of positives in Lance, he’s not just saying that to please the media.

49ers hope Kittle’s estimates aren’t wrong

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He was everything we hoped for and more, Kyle Shanahan said of Trey Lance. He says Lance has impressed with his behavior so far. #49ers – Chris Biderman (@ChrisBiderman) May 25, 2023 The 49ers saw enough prospects in Lance to select him ahead of Mack Jones (Alabama) and Justin Fields (Ohio State). Although Garoppolo remains the favorite in the first round, this team could be Lance’s soon. When the time comes, and it will, the 49ers will have to hope their star is deployable.

Kittle already sees someone who is better than a starting quarterback, and that person has only started one full season at the FCS level in college. It will be interesting to see when Lance gets his chance as a center. Garropolo has struggled to stay healthy for most of his time in San Francisco, and it’s hard to count on him as someone who can start all 16 games. If history repeats itself and Garropolo is sidelined at the start of the 2023 season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Lance on the field at that time. Like Sportscasting on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @sportscasting19 .

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